2012 Canaan Awards Night

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warriors Game and Easter Weekend

Last Friday, our youth group went to the Warriors/Nets game at Oracle Arena. Even though the Warriors lost the game by 2 points, we had a lot of fun cheering for them and fellowshipping together. Also, since it was "Fellowship Night," after the game we got to sit in the lower section and listen to coach and pastor Mark Jackson give his testimony about how he came to know Christ. He gave an alter call at the end and a bunch of people went down to accept Christ.

This weekend, we will have a Good Friday Service, Joint Sacraments, and Easter Service. As Christians, this is the time of the season when we focus in on the cross and the life that is given to us through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope that each one of us would recommit and give our lives over to Him. This Easter, we are very excited and happy that Erika Ho will be getting baptized! She will also give a brief testimony during our Easter Service. We hope that everyone would be able to come out and celebrate with her!

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