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Thursday, September 20, 2012

And... We're Back!

Hi everyone,

Our youth group blog is back! We've been meaning to keep this blog going as a place where we update you on the ongoings of Everglow, but unfortunately, we've done a poor job of doing so. However, we are back and will make a more concerted effort in keeping this blog exciting and alive.

We've started 2 new series that we're excited about. On Friday nights, we are going through "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. This book challenges us see how much God loves us and how that love should change the way we think and live out our lives. Besides our lesson, each Friday is filled with games, worship, and small group sharing.

During our 2-Hour on Sundays, we are going through an "Overview of the Bible" series which will help us better navigate through the Bible. We know that the Bible can be overwhelming at times and seem boring at other times, so this series will give us tools to help us better approach them Bible and make it more fun and interesting to read.

We really hope that you will come out and join us each Friday night and each 2nd-Hour on Sundays!

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