2012 Canaan Awards Night

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Update

Here is a quick recap of what we learned this past weekend.

On Friday, Stephen shared about his first year in college and the fellowship he participated in. He reminded us about the importance of finding a good fellowship where you can participate, serve, and have people keep you accountable. He shared about how a fellowship is to be welcoming to new comers, how close knit his community was, and his small group where he was able to share some of his struggles and have people pray for him and support him. In the same way, our youth group, Everglow, is a place to experience these similar things. He challenged us to get involved in youth group and really making it our own. I pray that we really would be a youth group where people feel welcomed, are involved and serving, and deepening their relationships with one another.

On Sunday, we talked about the central theme of the Bible. Did you know that the Bible is really a love story? It is! It's a story about God's great love for us. He made us to be in a relationship with Him, but because of our selfishness, we turned from God. But throughout the Bible, we see God's pursuit of us in bringing us back to Him and restoring this broken relationship. It was ultimately done through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We should read through the Bible with the reminder that everything was written to remind us of God's great love for us and for us to respond to that love.

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